Isn't he Gorgeous!

My Darling wee lad. He is so cute and lovely. And incredibly helpful in his own wee way. The current joke here is asking Jack to shut the door to the hallway and adding “gently” to the request. Ofcourse the muscle man shuts it with a slam that shakes the entire house and thinks it is the funniest thing. I decided that I really needed to focus on gentle before the current youngest child becomes a big brother. We started with the door and it really didn’t work. So we moved on to the cat and that is currently a work in progress! Lets hope the word “gentle” enters his vocabulary in the next 9 weeks!

The poor guy has had such a bad cough that it has been making him spewk! I tucked him up in our bed this morning and let him rest, it lasted all of maybe 10mins but did produce this rather cute photo


I indulge my hippie side in a subscription to an American magazine…check out the air miles on the postage of this (whoops) called Mothering and it is just devine. It contains some really interesting articles on many of my fav subjects…attachement, breastfeeding, birthing (the gentle homebirthing kind) and ofcourse parenting. An article in the current issue was about creating calm and peace for your children and teaching them to relax (yeah, with my “gentle” child). It contained gorgeous photos of children soaking their wee piggies in a foot spa. I knew instantly my munchkins would be up for that and it has been a massive hit. I tried it out with Jack while Lily was at preschool and he loved it.


I want to do it with Lily too. She has a love for Lavender and often sneaks it in and puts it under her pillow to help her sleep so I am sure her eyes will light up if I give her some scissors and get her go and cut some for her foot spa. Might have to put that on the list for the weekend. She was incredibly impressed with me recently when I created this wee beauty for her:


It is known as a Rainbow Lily Dress and I found it on If I was really cool I would link directly to the site and all that cool stuff but I am not! It is so cute. The pattern only goes to size 2 and the wool was hand dyed specifically for this pattern. I increased the cast on to fit a size 3, which has made it shorter than it should be. It is now actually a rainbow lily top but we love it all the same. I also contacted the clever woman who dyed the wool and asked her to dye some to make a size 3/4 and I think she might do it in similar colours to  “Orchard” which is now a discontinued colour that I love! My knitting career started too late for it unfortunately. So will wait in anticipation for that! I also have finished a wee pair of merino possum longies for bubs and have done another as well but only if it is born with one leg. Must finish that pair, because I am sure we saw two legs on the scan. Really need to run and rest, ready for my last shift at work in the morning. I am so looking forward to finishing. I am a bit over it to be honest. I just want to hang and nest with my little guys!


Lots of news to tell but let me start with some photos since I have been organised enough to ensure the camera has a full battery to start with and have managed to take the camera with us, download the photos onto the computer and then upload them on to here!  Film cameras sound easy!




We have had such a great time discovering a new beach that is about a 10min drive from us. The best thing about this beach is that you can take your dog there in the winter and let it off the lead to play with all the other dogs! The kids think it is great and Pippa has a fab time digging with Lily. She digs like a mad thing and can reach water in about 10 seconds. This beach also has loads of sunshine in the late afternoon in the middle of winter. So much so that the Lily thought she might swim!! She is really wanting to find a “crittering dolphin” not that I have any idea what is so special about a crittering dolphin but obviously she has seen or heard something.


I keep procrastinating and thinking I must update the blog and let you all know what we are up to. The garden is looking pretty bare, although my capsicums that I grew from seed are still producing and we have had some pretty nasty frosts. I planted some brasicas a bit late, so will have to some how be all prepared to spring into action in the spring, between newborn baby feeds and toddler activities. The 10 week count down is on now. Our wee family member is due to make an apprearance somewhere close to spring just like Uncle Gregs calves. I have started filling the freezer and today made the baby’s birth cake. It smelt delicious while it was cooking. It is a chocolate fruit cake from Nigella Lawson’s Feast. The kids are very excited and love to blow raspberries on my tummy. A few nights ago Lily snuck into our bed and the baby was kicking up a storm, so lucky big sister got to bond with her new sibling and enjoyed some special time feeling him/her kick. The poor child was known as “The Third Child” for a long time but the other day we decided (Lily) that we would call it “sparkle”, which I think suits its personality. It is incredibly active which is a bit of joke as I have had very laid back children so far. My little man is now awake so must run, but have a few knitting projects to post about so will get back in the next day or so.

Ok, so started a big long story of the last 6 weeks or so but figured I would just do this:

20. Tim had a great time in Rarotonga, while gone the dog killed two of the chickens and I broke the lawn mower.

19. We all went to the Katikati wedding and had a blast.

18. Camping – was awesome. Kids were great, exccept for the early starts in freezing temps, but it soon warmed up and we had beautiful weather during the day.

17. We then went back to KK after piking a day or two early from the cold nights in the tent and the Mum and Dad had the most devine Thai meal in Tauranga while leaving the little guys with their grandparents who managed to feed them dinner, bath them and put them to bed. I guess they have done it three times before!

16. In KK we went to a bird garden and discovered that Mummy and Jack don’t like doves landing on them. Lily however loves and it and went on to cause a dove mosh pit when she scattered her bird food everywhere and then “encouraged” them to “stop fighting” while trying to kick the birds (her mother shakes her head and blames her father!).

15. Oh the cake for KK won rave reviews! and looked gorgeous.

14. We have a niece! Kendall Jane was born on the 12th March 09, the same day as Uncle Jonty’s wedding in Raro! She is exceptionally cute and Jack and Lily are very excited to have a new cousin.

13. kids travelled well while away, I lost my stomach a few times, especially after the Karangahake Gorge.

12. We went on a real life train from Waihi to Waikino which the kids just loved especially our resident Thomas fan Jack!

11. Home again…we all got colds!

10. The baby chicks and their mums went back to the lady who gave us the fertilised eggs. We googled “how to sex a chicken” and poor Tim went out there to sort out the roosters from the hens There was only about one useful website link the rest was……I will let you try it! It was really funny watching Tim and Lil try to sort them. We have kept three babies. I told Tim if they are all hens I will take him out for dinner, and so far we havn’t heard any crowing.

9. Pippa got another chicken. We managed to save it tho! There names are Sunshine, Blackie-whitey and Burley all named by the one and only Lily.

8. Lily tells every one that she is four and that she will be five at her next birthday. This all comes from been able to go down the slide by herself at the pool.

7. The wool company has released new varigated colours! This excites me no end! And very boy colours too. Have a look

6. I finished Jack’s longies in Gems that I started last August and they fit perfectly and wear amazingly well. Wool pants are cool!!!

5. I am 20 weeks pregnant – where did that time go!!! Scan today. We asked them to scan over the genital area but not to tell us what they could see, just to let us sumise for ourselves. Lets just say we aren’t sonographers and couldn’t tell what was there and what wasn’t so we have no idea!

4. Speaking of no idea…i can’t believe how different this pregnancy is from the other two. I understand that been a boy and girl their pregnancies would be slightly different and they were but this one is just different again. I guess really it is a whole new person joining our family which is just so exciting. It is a very health conscious baby this one. I am in love with stir fries and herbal/fruit teas! And the more spice the better!

3. The Dad has to go to Auckland for work in a couple of weeks and is staying at the Langham which is exceptionally nice. He was flying back on my birthday…which made my Mummy brain tick! I begged my Mum (not that hard to do) and she is going to have the kids while I fly up to Jafa land on the Thursday night and stay till Tim comes home on the Saturday! YAY!! So great. We are going to go to a great Thai restaurant that Cristina and Jonty know of and a Te Pen Yaki bar. Will be fantastic. Check out the Langham

2. Oh another thing…..Jack starts preschool after easter! Just 3 hours on a Monday morning and Friday morning. Lily will be there along with Maddie and Charlotte and Samuel who he knows. We have been dropping Lil off for the last year and he cries because he wants to stay too. They normally have a minimum of six hour sessions which is why I hadn’t enrolled him and was waiting till he turned three but I spoke to the owner who is really lovely and she said YES!!!  He has changed such a lot in this past week because….drum rolll……………………….

1. He has weaned!!! I never would have believed it was ever possible. But the boobie monster has left the building. He now says “boobie -baby” ” Boobie-baby”. He is just growing up and communicating heaps more in his own little way. He is just so independent, he feeds the cats and empties the cutlery from the dishwasher. I really don’t know what happened to my gorgeous wee baby (thank god there is one on the inside!).

The third child is exceptionally cute at just 12wks and 5days old. Tim hasn’t scanned the photos yet so will have to hassle him to do it over the weekend. Was very exciting and made it all seem so real. Lil was impressed but a bit worried about the goop on my tummy. The baby waved at us and did the boobie sign which could indicate a boy that loves the boobies just like his brother or not. It was rather chilled and laying back against one wall of the uterus with its wee feet up the other wall laxing out. My placenta is posterior this time which is different from the other two. They were both anterior placentas and both babies had times been posterior before birth. Lily turned but I am sure Jack was posterior going into labour and turned during his birth. Apparently with a posterior placenta you have a better chance at lining baby up in a good anterior position so fingers crossed. We are planning a home birth for this dot all going to plan. And ofcourse a pool. Just magic – can’t wait, am getting excited. I am reading a book called childbirth without violence by Fredrick Leboyer. Will let you know what I think. Bubs was bang on for dates so isn’t suffering at all with his/her Mama’s spewkyness. Must run, at work and bubs to feed.

We are seeing our little baby today!!! Sneaky little 12 week scan which in my “active birth come what may” mind is not really the done thing buuuuuuuuttttttttttttttt I have been pretty sick this pregnancy and vomiting most days so it will be nice to see our squiggly little baby growing happily, fingers crossed. And Lily is coming with us to see “Little Lily” and her bones. We won’t be finding out (I don’t think – a tad tempted but havn’t known with the last two). They give you a figure of abnormality but not going to ask – they can tell the midwife who will tell me if I need to be concerned I guess? Wish us luck and hopefully I will be able to post the first photo later today!!

It seems I only find time to update here at work, which probably isn’t a good thing to say about work! It is 3.40am and not a lot is happening. Although in saying that we have had some incredibly busy shifts since Christmas so it is nice to have some down time and sit and rock  babies just because.

So at our mad house – the latest – our back lawn just out from the back door is entirely covered by a three room canvas tent otherwise known as our holiday home. You can see it at and it is the milbrook with the sunroom so huge and lovely and oh so exciting. Just ask the 2 & 3 year old. Don’t know how excited they will be to go to sleep in it but we may just try that tommorow night! We have such a busy time coming up but the end of March we are heading to the corramandel for 5 nights to . I use to Nanny twin boys there and so am planning a wee nostalgic tour of all the activities I did with Noah and Harry with my own wee family. Will be so exciting, can’t wait!  Before then we have a wedding in Wellington this weekend – Waitangi Day – which means TWO NIGHTS WITHOUT CHILDREN IN A MOTEL WITH MY HUSBAND. Can’t wait. The kids are staying with Nanny and Pop and we are going to have a blast – a non-alcholic 12 week pregnant blast but it will be great all the same. We are also going to go to a gorgeous restaurant owned by the guys from Hunger for the Wild. With my mad killer husband and me the original try hard foodie it coudn’t be a better place.

After Wellington we come back for about a month and then the lucky Dad is off to Rarotonga for 7 days to his Brothers Wedding. The Mum couldn’t bring herself to get on a plane and leave her babies in another country – what if they broke their arm or got meningitis or something terrible! So when he comes back we head over to Katikati for a repeat performance of the Raro ceremony and garden party. I am making the cake for this event so wish me luck!  After this wedding we head to the corramandel.


On the home front. Our little dog is settling in well. We are not sure if Jack thinks he is a dog or Pippa thinks she is a kid but they think they are siblings and just love each other. It is very cute to see! The bummer about posting on here at work is I can’t upload the photos that are on my camera but hopefully I will get a chance tommorow just to upload a couple of gorgeous shots. My big guy had a haircut and looks about 5 so don’t be suprised if he looks like a schoolboy when I do post the photos! Lily Vanilly is just her usual gorgeous self. She is so funny and comes out with the most cutest things. She is really enjoying preschool this year. Playcentre starts back this week and so does kindy gym and music. It will be nice to take Jack to all those places as a walky talky boy. He didn’t walk till the 2nd December so he hasn’t been to many of these places as a wee independent lad.


My needles have been a tad redundant but I have some gorgeous wool coming to make Lily a rainbow dress so will post some photos of that when it arrives. I have been making a wee bolero for Lizzies baby who is getting ready to push the button on Wednesday! Just need to pick up some stitches to knit a ruffled banding around it…hard to describe but will be sure to post some pictures when done. To be honest I can’t wait till Daylight Savings ends, which is a bit of a crime to say. But this first trimester has wiped me out and my poor garden is growing beautifully well but is a tad neglected because instead of been out there I have been kipping on the couch while Jack sleeps and Lil is at preschool. So I say bring on winter and cosy couches with lovely needles and wool and cool days! I so know I will be really regretting saying that when cooped up inside with a 2 & 3 year old and 20 odd weeks pregnant but seasons are good don’t you think!


Think that is enough midnight sleep rambling, better run and feed a wee lad. Will post some photos soon.



We have had beautiful weather since Jack’s Birthday – whoops might need to say something about the little guys birthday…


So yep, he turned two on New Years Eve. We had a great time. He had a “Rocket” party. Jack is a Little Einstein fan and could pat his knees to blast off long before he feed himself off a spoon. We had lots of friends and family over to celebrate, Grandma and Grandpa stayed for a few days and were a great help with all the party prep. Jack was very spoilt with numerous trucks, tractors and trains. Daddy built him a waterplay table which is fantastic. I will post a pic of it tommorow maybe. A lot of the photos from the party are on Nanny’s camera so must get her to email them through.


Jack is changing everyday now, especially since December when he started walking. We have had such fun going to lots of places with him walking rather than crawling and been way more independent. We went to the pool the other day and he loved walking through the water and bending down to pick up things. We have been to the park a lot this week and have been taking Daddy’s duck callers which is great fun.  Yesterday a woman who worked at the tea rooms came out to see the goose that she thought had arrived back to the lake….I was giggling so hard because it was just Lily! Very funny, kind of had to be there! Jack is a super doop at the park. He can go down the huge slide at pukekura all by himself and then climb back up again and go down repeat repeat repeat repeat! And the other great thing about all that is that Squilly mouse is so good at listening and understanding reasons for things that she is a breeze to take out, which is great while Mummy chases the rampaging Jack and nibbles gingernuts. Speaking of gingernuts –  Number 3 child is making his/herself known. I don’t remember been this tired or nauseous with the first two but then there was no other dependent peoples other than Tim when pregnant with Lil and when pregnant with Jack, Lily was still having two sleeps a day for the whole first trimester so I could catch a nap in the afternoon. I have been bribing Lily with sticker books on the coffee table while Mummy dozes on the couch.


The Pippa countdown is just about complete. Tim and Lil are heading to Matangi on Saturday to pick her up. I am a tad nervous but Tim assures me it will all be fine. Thats what I keep saying about the third child…will let you know who is right on that one!!


Better run, will post some photos of Pippa maybe Saturday night, with an update. I am burning the midnight oil that night and hopefully the unit has calmed down a bit and I will have a moment to type something.  Here is a photo that I took today of my crafty characters.


art in the garden - safest place for Jack with marker pens!

art in the garden - safest place for Jack with marker pens!