I think I need to change the title of this sad wee blog to “Neglected by Life”. Sorry! So a quick update of the last 3 mths. I noticed that I last updated at Meg’s two month birthday. Sadly we have just past her 5mth birthday! She is changing and growing so much. She is now a grand 7.12kg of gorgeousness! She has started nibbling a few pieces of food, fruit and vege. Broccoli is a firm fav, interesting to see if that lasts past 2years of age! We are following “Baby led weaning” guidelines, which if you google will come up with heaps of info.

So the last 3mths in a flash:

5.Christmas – great, we had two which the kids thought was just fab.

4.Camping – in the orchard at Katikati, lots of fun and Meg was a great camping baby.

3.Jack turned three! – we took him and the Whanau on a train trip that runs from Waihi to Waikino. Lots of fun especially for the resident train nut.

2.Jack started his Early Child Education at preschool. They have a compulsory 6hr session, but he does about 3-4 and then heads off for a kip, he is Jumpstarts best sleeper! Lily and Jack do three days each at Jumpstart, each having a day there by themselves and two days together. It means I can get a day with each of them home which is lovely to get some individual time with them while Meg sleeps.

1.I am going to be an Aunty (again). Greg and Sonya are going to have a little Southland baby. YIPEEEEE!!!

Miss Lily has headed back to ballet. She started briefly last year, full of enthusiasm but got a wee bit shy so we left it for 6mths and now she is super ready and doing great. Jack is enjoying kindy gym and swimming. Meg is so cruisy and enjoys all the outings but also loves the days she gets to stay home with just Mum and have some special Mummy-Meg time. Secretly Mummy likes these days too ;o)

I have been busting out the last couple of weekends and have done some nightshifts at work. So nice to be back and stimulate my brain even if it is at 3am. And nice to have newborn cuddles too.

Here are a few photos of the last 3mths:

Think that’s enough, one more thing to cross off the to do list!