Sorry, deleted that photo.  There are some flipping weirdos out there! On the stats of the blog it showed that the most common search of our blog was “little girl bath” – just sick.

My two wee girls, doesn’t Lily look so grown up! She is so super helpful and LOVES to babysit Meg for any random reason, such as me needing to go to the loo! I usually come back to find Meg amongst ponies and barbies but she doesn’t complain. Late this afternoon I took all three for a walk, the two little guys in the buggy and Lil on her running bike. I knew Tim was close to leaving work so he could do the rescue mission on his way home when he would come across us. Sure enough not too far from home Lily was sick of her bike and wanted to hitch a ride on the front of the buggy. It wasn’t too far after that that we found the Dad and he came and rescued Jack away, so the boys went home for some Man Time and us girls carried on our merry way….the two little girls fell asleep!

1 October - Meg and Lil in the buggy

Did you spot those beady wee eyes! It was so lovely to get out for a walk, we really need some much better weather. We have had to resort to bringing the waterplay table inside!