Better late than never, our third wee poppet decided to arrive in her own time on the 8th September 2009. Meg Janina Biesiek was born at home on a lovely sunny morning after keeping everyone guessing and waiting an entire 40wks and 11days! Weighing in at a delightful 8pd 9oz or 3880gm she was lightest of the three of them. Just 15gms lighter than her big sis and a whole lot lighter than her loving big brother. She is just perfect and has slotted right in to make us a very happy but somewhat busy family of five.

16 September - our wee midnight possum1(30)


Tim had two weeks off work which was fantastic. He kept the big kids entertained while Meg and I learnt the “Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” all over again after a 20 week break since Jack had left the nest. He was back at work on Tuesday just been and the week went really well much to my suprise and delight. Meg had a great first week and gained a whopping 380gm which was 10% of her birth weight. Ironic for the child of a neonatal nurse really. She hasn’t been weighed again but my midwife is coming on Tuesday so that should be interesting to see her growth in the last two weeks.

Instead of lots of writing I think I will pop up lots of photos of the last 2.5weeks so you can see our little muskateers in action. I am starting to get my knitting mojo back so need to go and embrace that! I have only knitted once or twice since Meg arrived although I did manage to do some knitting in early labour and then couldn’t remember where I was up to with my cable so had to get that sorted by my lovely friend!  Enjoy the photos and I promise to update slightly more often so you can all see our Meggie Mouse grow!!!


8 September - brotherly love(30) 

8 September - sisterly love1(30)

16 September - Pootastrophie(30)


23 September - Breastfeeding advocates(30)

24 September - all in the bath(30)

25 September - I think it's a worm(30)23 September - kisses from Jack(30)


Better run! More updates soon ;o)