Similar to Lily’s rainbow dress pattern is this little number called a “Milo” designed by the same fabulous knitter known as Tikki who you can find here One very clever lady. So it is a quick knit when doing the 3mth size. I am now doing a 3 year size for my wee man and it is taking a few extra days but I want to finish it by this weekend so he can show it off when we are away!

gorgeous little baby gift (milo30)


gorgeous little baby gift (milo) upclose (30)

SO no, we don’t what flavour ours in-utero child is, this is for a friends new baby. The gorgeous wee Lauren Elizabeth.  Congrats guys!!!

And these are feet of my own little monkey

Jacks slippers(30)

Lily also has a pair and I have one, need to get on to that! They are awesome and churn through the wool, which is sad but you know what that means…I neeeeeed to buy more!!!!

Not much else happening here. Yuk weather which induces loads of indoor play. We are heading to the big KK this weekend and the kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa while we go to Tauranga for a wedding. Apparently we are also taking the dog. Because two children and a stomach aren’t enough of a mission for 5-6hrs in the car. Cheers for that in-laws. ;0)

Must run.