So I guess it has come time for make or break for the sad neglected blog.  Life is just busy, but I feel I need somewhere to come and skite to family and friends near and far about how fab my little people really are! My plan is to post photos on here on a weekly basis. The upside of this is that it will make me take photos off the camera on a more regular basis. Today I took off 158 photos. That isn’t fun really. It means I then have to sort them all!!

We have some big news. Most will know that we found out in March that Jack has a hearing loss. It is considered mild-moderate loss that requires him to wear hearing aids to have “normal” hearing. So the 29th April finally rolled around, after a 6 week wait from finding out about the loss to the actual switching on of our little man! We are noticing big changes in Jack, particularly socially. Now he is joining conversations, sitting down and playing alongside his peers rather than playing chasing games A L L the time. Jack use to be the lion and ROAR while children would squeal with delight (most of the time), this was fine but it is just so nice to see him really engaging with people. He copied me the other day when I said to Meg “Coming Darling”, he had never said an “ing” word before, probably never heard that sound. Jack’s hearing loss means that he misses high frequencies. The higher the frequency the louder the sound needs to be in order for him to hear it. So with word like Meg and Dog, he doesn’t hear the “G”, I can’t wait for him to say Meg correctly. SO, watch this space! Great things ahead for our little guy!

Lily B – is off to school in just 2 weeks! I have such mixed feelings. I am super excited for her, she is completely buzzed about it all, but I just feel sad. I love being the Mother of 3 preschoolers (most days), I love our Thursdays when the awesome foursome are in action. I love the odd looks I get from other Mothers at Kindy Gym, when I turn up with my 3 monkeys. I love Mondays when Jack is at preschool and it is a girl only day.It is the end of an era, it is sad but so very exciting.

The other exciting news is….we having a moving grooving Meg! She is so cute and into life (and puzzle pieces, toy cars, fluff, cats tails) . She is up on her knees and can go a little way before giving up and going commando all the way! She can even make it down the wee step from the lounge to the kids room.  She is loving food. We are following Baby Led Weaning ideas, which if you google will come up with loads of info. Basically Meg eats what we eat. She enjoys an amazing variety of food, given my fussyness this is a bit of a challenge. I am going to go and buy gerkins just to try them out on her!!! She eats a lot of fruit, loves plums and oranges. Brocolli is a real fav, long may that last. She loves steak and croc-pot casserole is a real hit. I make a normal casserole and cut some of the meat into strips, lengths of carrots and kumara and chuck some long beans in about an hour from the end. Meg eats it all, sometimes more than Lily! Meg and I are taking my Mum out for Mothers Day lunch in the morning, fun!

Tim is great, madly obsessed with killing defenceless animals, maybe he just proves the whole evolution theory? The kids are loving having all the duck decoys out and setting them all up on the back lawn.  Also duck callers are a favourite toy at our place at the moment.

I think that is everyone caught up. So lots of things happening at the moment, lots of changes and a bit of juggling. Hence the update written on nightshift. My work is just great. Shift work is just so wonderful for Mums, it is my little time out, stretching that other part of my brain, newborn snuggles aren’t so bad either ;o) Perk of the job!


Photos to add, when I am at home tommorow!

Here are the promised pics of my cuties~

One of our big Lily B, nearly 5!

This is known as Mat time!

The gorgeous three!


That’s all for now! Happy Mothers Day


I think I need to change the title of this sad wee blog to “Neglected by Life”. Sorry! So a quick update of the last 3 mths. I noticed that I last updated at Meg’s two month birthday. Sadly we have just past her 5mth birthday! She is changing and growing so much. She is now a grand 7.12kg of gorgeousness! She has started nibbling a few pieces of food, fruit and vege. Broccoli is a firm fav, interesting to see if that lasts past 2years of age! We are following “Baby led weaning” guidelines, which if you google will come up with heaps of info.

So the last 3mths in a flash:

5.Christmas – great, we had two which the kids thought was just fab.

4.Camping – in the orchard at Katikati, lots of fun and Meg was a great camping baby.

3.Jack turned three! – we took him and the Whanau on a train trip that runs from Waihi to Waikino. Lots of fun especially for the resident train nut.

2.Jack started his Early Child Education at preschool. They have a compulsory 6hr session, but he does about 3-4 and then heads off for a kip, he is Jumpstarts best sleeper! Lily and Jack do three days each at Jumpstart, each having a day there by themselves and two days together. It means I can get a day with each of them home which is lovely to get some individual time with them while Meg sleeps.

1.I am going to be an Aunty (again). Greg and Sonya are going to have a little Southland baby. YIPEEEEE!!!

Miss Lily has headed back to ballet. She started briefly last year, full of enthusiasm but got a wee bit shy so we left it for 6mths and now she is super ready and doing great. Jack is enjoying kindy gym and swimming. Meg is so cruisy and enjoys all the outings but also loves the days she gets to stay home with just Mum and have some special Mummy-Meg time. Secretly Mummy likes these days too ;o)

I have been busting out the last couple of weekends and have done some nightshifts at work. So nice to be back and stimulate my brain even if it is at 3am. And nice to have newborn cuddles too.

Here are a few photos of the last 3mths:

Think that’s enough, one more thing to cross off the to do list!

No picture for this post, the flash went off as I dumped the camera on the bathroom bench…to pluck Meg from the bath! Meg is two months old on the 8th, can you believe it! My tiny newborn is growing so fast. Anyway, we were doing the “three kids making a train” photo shoot in the bath and darling Jack was holding Meg for the photo, but he let her go and she did actually float for a second! Lily proudly announces “Meg floats”, yes darling she does. “Shall we call her Float, that can be her name” says that big sister, how about Floaty? So Floaty it is!

Our first photo as a family of five is a little fuzzy because it was taken on the timer. Super cute. Meg really enjoys faces and talking to us so what better place to be than at the table with us all. The kids thought it was great.

17 October - first family photo(30)

Co-Sleeping Kidlets!


16 October - co-sleeping1(30)

And one of our Meg

15 October - Meg in her hoodie1(30)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Sorry, deleted that photo.  There are some flipping weirdos out there! On the stats of the blog it showed that the most common search of our blog was “little girl bath” – just sick.

My two wee girls, doesn’t Lily look so grown up! She is so super helpful and LOVES to babysit Meg for any random reason, such as me needing to go to the loo! I usually come back to find Meg amongst ponies and barbies but she doesn’t complain. Late this afternoon I took all three for a walk, the two little guys in the buggy and Lil on her running bike. I knew Tim was close to leaving work so he could do the rescue mission on his way home when he would come across us. Sure enough not too far from home Lily was sick of her bike and wanted to hitch a ride on the front of the buggy. It wasn’t too far after that that we found the Dad and he came and rescued Jack away, so the boys went home for some Man Time and us girls carried on our merry way….the two little girls fell asleep!

1 October - Meg and Lil in the buggy

Did you spot those beady wee eyes! It was so lovely to get out for a walk, we really need some much better weather. We have had to resort to bringing the waterplay table inside!

Better late than never, our third wee poppet decided to arrive in her own time on the 8th September 2009. Meg Janina Biesiek was born at home on a lovely sunny morning after keeping everyone guessing and waiting an entire 40wks and 11days! Weighing in at a delightful 8pd 9oz or 3880gm she was lightest of the three of them. Just 15gms lighter than her big sis and a whole lot lighter than her loving big brother. She is just perfect and has slotted right in to make us a very happy but somewhat busy family of five.

16 September - our wee midnight possum1(30)


Tim had two weeks off work which was fantastic. He kept the big kids entertained while Meg and I learnt the “Womanly Art of Breastfeeding” all over again after a 20 week break since Jack had left the nest. He was back at work on Tuesday just been and the week went really well much to my suprise and delight. Meg had a great first week and gained a whopping 380gm which was 10% of her birth weight. Ironic for the child of a neonatal nurse really. She hasn’t been weighed again but my midwife is coming on Tuesday so that should be interesting to see her growth in the last two weeks.

Instead of lots of writing I think I will pop up lots of photos of the last 2.5weeks so you can see our little muskateers in action. I am starting to get my knitting mojo back so need to go and embrace that! I have only knitted once or twice since Meg arrived although I did manage to do some knitting in early labour and then couldn’t remember where I was up to with my cable so had to get that sorted by my lovely friend!  Enjoy the photos and I promise to update slightly more often so you can all see our Meggie Mouse grow!!!


8 September - brotherly love(30) 

8 September - sisterly love1(30)

16 September - Pootastrophie(30)


23 September - Breastfeeding advocates(30)

24 September - all in the bath(30)

25 September - I think it's a worm(30)23 September - kisses from Jack(30)


Better run! More updates soon ;o)

Similar to Lily’s rainbow dress pattern is this little number called a “Milo” designed by the same fabulous knitter known as Tikki who you can find here One very clever lady. So it is a quick knit when doing the 3mth size. I am now doing a 3 year size for my wee man and it is taking a few extra days but I want to finish it by this weekend so he can show it off when we are away!

gorgeous little baby gift (milo30)


gorgeous little baby gift (milo) upclose (30)

SO no, we don’t what flavour ours in-utero child is, this is for a friends new baby. The gorgeous wee Lauren Elizabeth.  Congrats guys!!!

And these are feet of my own little monkey

Jacks slippers(30)

Lily also has a pair and I have one, need to get on to that! They are awesome and churn through the wool, which is sad but you know what that means…I neeeeeed to buy more!!!!

Not much else happening here. Yuk weather which induces loads of indoor play. We are heading to the big KK this weekend and the kids are staying with Grandma and Grandpa while we go to Tauranga for a wedding. Apparently we are also taking the dog. Because two children and a stomach aren’t enough of a mission for 5-6hrs in the car. Cheers for that in-laws. ;0)

Must run.